Save time, save money.. Drills & Drill Bits for Planting Plants.


Faster Planting

DrillMassPlantingDrill equipped with bit and mulch wiper


Faster Planting

Now you can share what has taken Plant Planters many years to perfect to make plant planting faster and easier.  Take the hard work out of planting plants.... use our purpose built drills.


Quality Australian Made

Quality Australian made masonery drilling bits, purpose designed and built for plant planting.

Tungsten tipped to last a lifetime.


Engine Drill 2

Engine Drill

Pictured left is the type of Engine Drill used by Plant Planters. 

This drill is found to be very reliable and tough.

Purchase available from Plant Planters if required.

Viro Cell Bit 2

Viro-cell Bit

1. Viro-cell Bit - Used for up to 25mm holes.  Will drill into most types of hard or soft ground.

2. Smooth or Ribbed Jute Bits - Designed to part jute without grabbing.  Also for 25mm holes.  Available in all sizes.

3. Cell Bit - For up to 30mm holes.  Shaft included and fits staight into motor drill chuck.

All the bits pictured can have a wiper attached for the use of pushing loose mulch away from the holes as you drill for easier planting.

Tube Bits 2

Tube Bits

Tube Bits are for most types of hard or soft ground.

Available in 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Can be used to drill from 40mm Hyco's to 75mm Forrestry Tubes.

Tungsten tipped.



Blender Augers

Blender Augers

All Blender Auagers come with an optional length shaft to fit the motor drill.  All bits are tungsten tipped.  These bits are suited to softer or moist soil conditions and are not for compacted hard ground.

The Blender Auger makea a great open hole if the soil is moist. They can be used with wipers to spread mulch and they act like a blender to mix mulch, if too thick, with soil to to give the plants the ultimate chance of survival. 

Bit size available in 40mm, 75mm, 100mm and 160mm.



All of our bits come with a shaft, but longer or shorter shafts can be supplied.  eg. you may need a shorter shaft for drilling on batters to keep the motor close to you.

At point of order you may require is to manufacturer a special shaft to suit your requirements.  Extras are available for purchase.



Adapters are to do away with the problems of drill chucks becoming loose and faving to tighten them in hard ground.

Manufactured for 12.5mm threads or larger if required.

Mulch Wiper

Mulch Wipers

Our mulch wipers are rubber tipped to prevent injury to the operators legs if the drill hits obstructions underground.

Mulch wipers are available in many shapes and sizes.   Different wipers for different jobs are available.

Jute Bits2

Jute Bits

Jute bits, smooth or ribbed face, are used to penetrate coconut or jute matting.  They are mainly used in soft soil conditions are they do not wrap the jute like a normal drill bit.

Available in 25mm, 50mm and 75mm - smooth and ribbed


Jute Cutter

Jute Cutter

Jute cutter is used to cut through the coconut or jute matting for planting of 150mm to 200mm pots.

The jute cutter is tungsten tipped to cut away the matting with ease.


Plant Planters Drills and Drill Bits for Plant Planting have been tried and tested by the following landscaping companies.

Hosking Landscapes

Design Landscapes

Impact Grasses

Universal Landscapes

Dragonfly Environmental




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